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Research areas

Glass melting processes and their modelling


 New glass melting concepts

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Mathematical modeling is traditional tool for the analysis of glass melting process. CFD methods  calculate velocity and temperature fiels ...

  šířka 215px New relative value – space utilization – quantitatively assesses melting processes in continuous melting space.  The current industrial furnaces...

Development of new types of glasses


Materials for photonics and optoelectronics

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The composition of the proposed glass is optimized in terms of the required properties. Colors affected by the redox state of the glass can be predicted ...



The industrial development is coming with a requirement of new materials. In optic and optoelectronic ...

Research of processes for vitrification of nuclear waste

Cold cap (originál) Solving the problem of immobilizing a large amount of nuclear waste coming from the production of plutonium is the actual question ...      


Experimental techniques

Preparation of glasses under defined conditions

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Visual observation of glass melting processes

Solubilities of gases in melts

Diffusion coefficients of gases in melts

Image analysis

Evolved gas analysis

Oxygen partial pressure in melts

Polarized light microscopy

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