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Visual observation of glass melting processes

The method uses the transparency of most glasses in the visible area (or near infrared around 2 mm) even at melting temperatures. The principle of the method is to observe the specimen located in the quartz test tube located in the laboratory furnace with a viewing window. The process is monitored by a digital video camera. The captured videos are then evaluated by the image analysis software.

The method is used for high-temperature observation of the feed melting process, fining processes, melt foam formation, foam behavior or bubble surface stability.

This method is also used to determine the bubble nucleation temperature. The temperature of secondary bubble formation (reboil) is determined by direct visual observation of bubbles on a platinum wire immersed in the glass. The sample temperature is increased at 2 °C / min. The observed growth of the bubble with temperature is evaluated by the image analysis software, and the reboil temperature is determined by extrapolating to zero-bubble size.

Another use of the method is to monitor the development of bubbles from refractory materials - corrosion tests of refractory materials.
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Figure: Schematics of the experimental method Figure: Release of bubbles from the refractory material
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Figure: Evaluation of measurements using image analysis Figure: Evaluation of bubble growth and dissolution 
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